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There are hobbies and interests that come and go, but when it comes to collecting, this is one activity that quite often stands the test of time. This site will focus on Airplane Models, which if research is anything to go by, are collectables that are easily accessible to buyers. These potential buyers could be fans of aviation history, children with an interest in airplanes, or even people looking for a duty free souvenir of their holiday.

There are companies all over the world such as Airfix that flood the hobby market with miniature airplane models, scaled down airplane models, or self assembly Airplane Models. There are three main methods used in creating these Airplane Models, handcrafting/carving them out of wood, with Mahogany a popular choice, creating moulds out of plastic, or die casting, which is a process involving molten metal.

The end results are a huge variety of aircraft, which date from the very early days of aviation, right up to the present day. These include Military Aircraft used by the Army and Navy, such as the F6F Hell Cat, The O1 Bird Dog, current Military Jets, Business Airlines and Private Planes, and of course many of the international and regional commercial airlines, and international parcel carriers have commissioned models too.

Collectors can search for and purchase Airplane Models using the market sectors, and aircraft types mentioned above, or they could collect by brand name and aircraft model number. All the major international airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, and Quantas have their own models, with many of the regional airlines following suit. In terms of model numbers, suppliers often have stock of Airbus Models, such as the Airbus 300 and Airbus 319, Boeing Models, like the well known Boeing 737, and other lesser known names like McDonnell Douglas, Antonov, Lockheed and Vickers.

Prices will vary depending on the materials used in manufacturing the models, the amount of detail and time involved in producing the replica Airplane Model, and the size of the model, but it’s easy to get started, and there are many plane spotting guides and books on the market. These publications will help you identify the different makes and models of plane that have flown, or are still flying today. This will give you a starting point, and from there you can research Airplane Model suppliers, stockists, and online shops to help with your chosen collections/shopping list.

As collectables go, Airplane Models are more than just a piece of wood or plastic to stick on the mantelpiece, they give a fascinating insight into the world’s aviation history, and the people and places that have played a part in it. It doesn’t matter what age you are, everyone can enjoy collecting airplane models, and learning about the aviation world, so if you have the budget for it, why not give it a go?!

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